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Episode 04 - Entrepreneur Looking For Funding For Your Business? Watch This First!

by California Baby

A must-watch for entrepreneurs! In this podcast, 2 business titans discuss the PROS and CONS of raising capital for your business.

Jessica Iclisoy, who launched California Baby over 26 years ago, decided not to take any outside funding because she wanted full control of her company. Instead, Jessica bootstrapped California Baby and her company's growth was slower but steady. However, Jessica believes this was the right decision because in order for California Baby to succeed, she needed full control over the vision and integrity of the company. Today, California Baby is still 100% family-owned and operated. 

Ken Friedman is a very experienced investor and has invested in many start-ups. He has a different perspective. Funding can help a company grow more quickly and it can be a great option for some business models. Ken explains the many avenues an entrepreneur can get funding - ranging from small investments from family/friends, venture capital, investment banks, crowdsourcing, and more. However, competition is fierce - only 1% of companies seeking funding from venture capital will actually receive a check. Ken breaks down what investors look for when deciding which business to invest in. The #1 thing Ken looks for in a prospective company is the founder's tenacity - to him that's more important than the business plan or technology.

Guest Bio:

Ken Friedman has an MBA from Harvard Business School. In 1986 he founded and became president of the investment banking division of Houlihan Lokey. Ken grew the investment banking division of Houlihan Lokey into one of the biggest private investment banks worldwide. Today, Ken has his own fund where he invests in early-stage companies, either as a co-founder or early-stage investor. Ken is also an adventure seeker and he started Dance Upon The Precipise to encourage people to transcend beyond their own comfort zone to realize enhanced personal growth.

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About the host:

Jessica Iclisoy is the founder of California Baby, the leader in safe and effective plant-based skincare products for babies, kids and sensitive adults for over 25 years. Jessica has been featured in NBC’s Today Show, Forbes, Fortune, the New York Times, Fast Company, Inc., and Entrepreneur, among many others. Recognized by Forbes Most Successful Self-made Woman list for her achievements in building California Baby.


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