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Parent’s Guide to Treating Baby Eczema

by California Baby

Baby-soft skin comes with a small catch — sensitivity. Parents witness many skin hiccups as their children grow up, but perhaps none more perplexing than baby eczema. Eczema, an inflammatory response that goes beyond skin deep, has many potential causes from stress to diet. California Baby has spent a whole lot of time familiarizing ourselves with the ins and outs of eczema — consulting with pediatricians, integrative doctors and other experts — and we’re here to fill you in.

Resist the quick fix...

As much as we want to get rid of baby eczema fast, the best thing you can do is take a step back and put on your detective hat. An integrative approach means mindfully managing the symptoms that have surfaced on your child’s skin while investigating what may have internally or externally prompted them.

Baby eczema frequently pops up in moist creases near the knees, elbows and on the cheeks (hello, drool face). Parents know it dearly as the warm, red rash with raised bumps that can open, ooze and even blister in severe cases. It’s prompted by the body’s best efforts to get rid of impurities that aren’t being expelled in the usual ways. Toxin overload can happen for many reasons: allergies, preservatives and chemicals in foods and products or a diet filled with overprocessed, sugary or fatty foods, to name a few. Disrupted sleep and stress both contribute inflammation to the body. Other factors like dry climates and harsh weather can instigate a flare-up on your little one’s sensitive skin.

Topical Steroids don't cure Eczema, they are only a temporary solution

Many doctors and dermatologists rely on topical steroids to quickly wipe out the rash. The problem here is twofold – first, steroids are immunosuppressive, meaning they halt the immune response that generates a rash but do not address the root cause. This makes them, at best, a temporary solution. Second, as is the case with many quick fixes, once you stop topically applying steroids, the eczema will often return, and sometimes worse. Steroids may also thin and damage the skin after continued use.

So what can you do about baby eczema?

You cannot cure eczema, but you can manage it with lifestyle changes, diligence and a crew of clean, plant-based baby eczema products. You know your baby is unique, so don’t forget that their healing process will be unique, too.

1. Identify any food allergies:

Manage eczema with individualized adjustments, like an allergy test, elimination diet, or food journal to determine if there are any common food triggers like nuts, shellfish, gluten, soy or dairy.

2. Eat high quality food (skip packaged food)

Feed your baby whole, organic foods as much as possible if they’re eating solid foods and make sure to sneak in lots of greens, which are full of antioxidants that help reduce inflammation.

Steering clear of preservatives and chemicals in foods strengthens the body’s natural ability to detox by reducing impurity overload.

3. Focus on increasing sleep and decreasing stress

Alleviate stress by making sure your baby is getting full, restorative naps. And maybe sneak in naps for you, too. Parents’ stress plays a big role in kids’ stress.

4. Ditch skincare products with synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals

Soothing, topical solutions for your baby’s eczema should revolve around gentle yet effective cleansers and creams free of harsh chemicals. Adopt products with high-quality plant-based ingredients that, again, don’t contain contaminants, allergens, and irritants. Knowing the purity of the ingredients in your baby’s skincare is an empowering way to help the body heal itself.

Gentle giants in baby eczema skincare

At California Baby, we like to leave the “stripping,” “peeling” and “drying” to sun-worn paint on a picket fence, not to our eczema skincare products. Our replenishing ingredients are gentle and ultra-purified to remove any potential contaminants. Look for these calming ingredients to alleviate irritation without an overload of hidden toxins that can risk long-term health and wellness.

Colloidal Oatmeal

We love when an ingredient can cleanse and moisten at the same time and that’s why colloidal oatmeal has a special place in our hearts (and cleansers...and eczema cream). It relieves itchiness, soothes dryness, prevents water loss and is gentle enough to use multiple times a day. California Baby uses an organic gluten-free colloidal oatmeal, so it is safe for gluten-sensitive babies.

California Baby Calendula fields, Santa Barbara County


Thanks to its inflammation-soothing qualities, the calendula flower has been used by centuries of healers to treat many dry, itchy skin ailments like poison ivy and sunburn. This potent little flower is a distinguished comforter of baby eczema and sensitive skin irritation. We proudly grow our own certified organic calendula that can be found in all of our products.


When it comes to hydrating dry and peeling skin, glycerin will do the trick. This water magnet comes from plant sources and acts like a sponge, pulling water into tired and dehydrated skin to refresh and soften. California Baby uses soy-free, plant-based certified organic glycerin.

Plant-based solutions for sensitive skin

When it became apparent to our founder Jessica that even products marketed for babies can hide contaminants and irritants, she made it her duty to get safe and responsible skincare into the hands of parents. Our solution to baby eczema begins with our allergy-tested, steroid-free Eczema Shampoo & Bodywash. This skin-soothing wash is as impressive for what it does contain, as it is for what it doesn’t contain. Certified organic, gluten-free colloidal oatmeal provides rich moisture, and relief from itchiness. Colloidal oatmeal binds to your skin and forms a protective barrier. It also helps hold in moisture.

Our gluten-free, certified organic colloidal oatmeal is from a single-source facility so there is no cross-contamination with potential allergens. Calming ingredients like organic aloe vera and calendula extract bring additional soothing and moisturizing comfort. The gentle, non-drying formula is fragrance-free, cruelty-free, and free of dairy, nuts (except for coconut), and soy. If your baby has an eczema flare-up, use the shampoo and body wash in a short, warm bath. We repeat – short and warm! Hot water or soaking for too long can cause dryness and irritation.

After cleansing, hydrate and soften your baby’s skin with our steroid-free Eczema Cream. Our Eczema Cream should be used 2-3 times a day when needed. Colloidal oatmeal helps seal in moisture and organic calendula extract and aloe vera hydrate and soothe dry skin. Grown on our 100-acre certified organic farm in Santa Barbara, CA, our calendula adheres to strict guidelines from seed to extraction that go above and beyond the industry standards. When the growing process does not follow our guidelines, the end product yields diluted extract, substandard flowers and a higher bacteria count.

At California Baby, we believe that the body is capable of healing itself and that our support of that process should be pure and simple. When it comes to baby eczema, knowledge is power – with a clean diet, plentiful sleep, low stress, lots of crawling around and a reliable skincare routine, your baby’s eczema can see long-term improvement. Parents can feel empowered and babies can go on, well, being babies.

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DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. The information provided here is for informational purposes only.

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