We support Natural Advisory Council, a non-profit organization whose goal is to educate the consumer on making safe choices, while educating the industry about the dangers of using certain ingredients. It’s a collaborative effort to share knowledge for a greener, safer and more transparent industry.

The NAC mission goals
(ACE) include:


Advocate consumer protection legislation to define “natural”


Industry collaboration to create a meaningful standard for natural products


Creating a university-level curriculum covering the natural industry from science marketing and legal perspectives

Public education and engagement plays an important part of our advocacy efforts As the popularity of natural and “green” products has skyrocketed, so has the proliferation of green washing marketers. Unfortunately, many of these companies are appealing to consumers via clever labeling and misleading brand names, in the end raising questions about the true quality and integrity of the ingredients.

A recent WSJ article noted, “These so-called natural household and personal-care products have proliferated over the past few years as more consumers—especially parents of young children—are looking for safer products and are often willing to pay more for them. U.S. sales of beauty, household and personal care products that make natural claims have grown 35% since 2012, versus 4% growth for the broader industry, according to Bernstein Research analyst Ali Dibadj, who analyzed Nielsen data.”1

Because no current FDA definition for “natural” currently exists in the natural products industry, the NAC believes that it’s important all natural products be subjected to a rigorous set of standards as to what is considered natural. Although there are currently different “natural” certification seals available, their standards differ substantially because of the lack of a definition from the FDA.