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Ingredient Spotlight: Basil & Anise Isolate (Not Essential Oils)

by California Baby

Ingredient Quality Control 

It’s nearly impossible to control ingredient quality when purchased from raw material suppliers because they typically have multiple suppliers of their own.  This makes it very difficult for them to control quality along the supply chain.

Because of this, we have strict testing and quality control protocols in place to ensure ingredient integrity.  

Our founder Jessica Iclisoy in the lab analyzing an ingredient

That is exactly why we make many of our ingredients ourselves. 

For example, our proprietary extraction process (that took over 10 years of research and development), targets and isolates active constituents from basil (Ocimum Basilicum (Sweet Basil) and anise (Pimpinella Anisum) creating a functional foundation  for our products.

These isolates are not essential oils.  Although methyl eugenol and estragole are naturally found in  basil and anise, they are not present in California Baby’s isolates due to our targeted extraction process.  

As part of our strict quality control systems, we independently lab tested the isolate for estragole and methyl eugenol and the results were “Non-Detectable”. 

The journey starts at our certified organic farm in Santa Barbara County, California where we grow the organic basil and dehydrate on site.  Then it is moved to our FDA registered manufacturing facility in Los Angeles and this is where our testing protocols begin.  

Aerial view of California Baby's organic farm. Located in Santa Barbara County, California

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