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Over twenty years ago our founder, Jessica Iclisoy, created California Baby when she couldn’t find any safe and plant based skincare products for her newborn. She went to her local library and researched how she could make something better for her sweet baby boy. Her mission ever since has been to connect with families by bringing them the most innovative, purest and safest skincare available today. In this same way, we want to develop organic, personal and meaningful connections with our California Baby families–and we are searching for the right partners.

 Our Mombassador program is a fun, collaborative way for fans and enthusiasts to join our team and share their love for California Baby products and healthy family lifestyle in a whole new way!

As a mombassador, you will regularly receive seasonal, new, and featured products for your families to use and enjoy. We occasionally partner up with our mombassadors for giveaways or supply them with coupon codes to share with their followers. You will also have a direct line of contact with California Baby in case you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

As an influencer, your friends and family value your opinion. Our Dad and Mombassadors share advice, experiences and enthusiasm about the brand via blog posts, Facebook posts, Instagram, Youtube videos, and tweets.

If you are interested in applying to join our exclusive California Baby Mombassador program, and joining us on our adventures as we continue to innovate and grow in this exciting natural-living space, email